Confidential Packaging

We respect your privacy. Find out how we pack our products.

Stink Sack - Buy Cannabis, Buy Marijuana, Buy Weed

Smell Proof
Stink Sack™ bags

We have partnered with a leader in smell proof packaging to guarantee patients safety. Watch video how Stink Sack™ works.

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Activated Carbon Filling - Buy Cannabis, Buy Marijuana, Buy Weed

Odour Absorbing
Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is well known for it's extraordinary odour absorbing properties. We are filling all packages with activated carbon, for an extra layer of security.

UPS Courier Delivery - Buy Cannabis, Buy Marijuana, Buy Weed Online

UPS Courier
Delivery in UK

All parcels we are shipping are secured with heavy duty adhesive tape and can by opened only by you. We ship our products with Next-day guaranteed UPS service (included in price).

Additionally, every time you order from us you will receive: Your Patient Certificate with your unique patient number, Prescription for Medical Cannabis signed by the doctor who examined you online, and A letter guaranteeing that you are covered by UK medical cannabis research program with our license number.

Your Privacy

Learn how your privacy is protected in THC Clinic

After your order is delivered by UPS, we automatically delete your shipping address from our system. We only need your email address and your patient number. Because we are operating under UK research program, we will send you anonymous online survey 3 months after your first order asking about your current health and how medical cannabis helped you with your disorders. You are fully anonymous in the Clinic, and we are not required (under DFLU license we hold) to collect personal details of our patients who participate in the research program.